Jaws RGB Ramp + Shark Cage Illumination Kit Instructions

Jaws Shark Cage Illumination

Jaws RGB Ramp + Shark Cage Illumination Kit Instructions

Thanks for purchasing our FlipMods Jaws RGB Ramp & Shark Cage Illumination Kit! We have put together these instructions to help aid you in the install. Total installation time is about 1 hour and only requires a Phillips head screwdriver. If you have any questions, please contact me!

Installation Instructions

  1. Power down your pinball machine and unplug it to be safe.
  2. Remove the glass and all pinballs. Premium / LE models can skip to step 4.
  3. If your game is a Pro model, locate the shark tank on the playfield and remove the screws notated in the picture below. Then, remove the top and right side plastic.
Jaws Shark Cage Illumination
  1. Lift up the playfield and locate the plug indicated in the picture below.
  1. Disconnect the plug and install our harness inline. Premium / LE models can skip to step 8.
  1. Route the single rectangle RGB holder at 1 end of the RGB harness up through the rectangular cutout up into the shark tank. The 2nd picture indicates how you will install the black RGB housing under the metal bracket that the top shark cage plastic was attached to.
  1. Lower the playfield and place the stock top shark tank plastic where you removed it from and while holding the black rectangular RGB board holder in place under the stock metal bracket (with the LED diode facing down), install the included long screw where the red arrow is, through the stock plastic (making sure the holes line up), into the bottom hole of the RGB housing. *Note* The screws will be tight, this is by design. Use 1 of the stock screws you removed where the green arrow is. Reinstall the stock side plastic of the shark tank with the stock screws.
  1. It’s time to install the ramp lights now. Let’s raise the playfield again and route the end of the wire harness that has 2 RGB boards attached to back of the backboard. Remove the stock screw as indicated by the arrow below, install the RGB bracket with the stock screw. You’re all done!! Enjoy!

Haven’t purchased your Jaws RGB Ramp & Shark Cage Illumination Kit yet? You can below!

Jaws RGB Ramp + Shark Cage Illumination Kit


Add some light to the ramps on your Jaws Premium / LE pinball machine, as well as ramps + shark cage on your Jaws Pro! This kit installs inline with your RGB illumination and provides RGB illumination in sync with the GI lights in the game in the dark ramps & shark cage. Our custom built wire harness and mounts are easily installed and are completely interactive. No permanent game modifications are required.

We are producing these kits now, so please allow a few weeks for production.

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