Venom Scoop Illumination Kit Installation Instructions

Venom Scoop Illumination Kit

Venom Scoop Illumination Kit Installation Instructions

Thanks for purchasing our FlipMods Venom Scoop Illumination Kit! We have put together these instructions to help aid you in the install. Total installation time is 5 minutes or less and only requires a Phillips head screwdriver. If you have any questions, please contact me!

Installation Instructions

  1. Power down your pinball machine and unplug it to be safe.
  2. Remove the glass and all pinballs.
  3. Lift the playfield in the upright position.
  4. Locate the scoop toward the back of the playfield, as seen in the picture below.
  1. Unscrew the 2 screws that the arrows are pointing to in the below picture, directly next to the “NO NUTS ON STUDS” (LOL) sticker.
  1. Using the 2 screws that you just removed, install the bracket (with bulb installed in the bulb holder), with the LED light pointing toward the scoop. You can move the bulb holder up and down to adjust the angle.
  2. Locate a GI bulb that you would like to tap off of, there is one to the left of where you just installed the bracket. Hook the red alligator clip to the wire that the red arrow is pointing to and the black to the wire the black arrow is pointing to. Install the extension from the end of the alligator clip to the end of the bulb socket.

You’re all done!

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Venom Scoop Illumination Kit

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Easily light up the scoop on your Venom pinball machine with our scoop illumination kit. Available for Venom Pro, Premium & LE models, this kit includes our custom designed mount, alligator clips, 12″ matrix extension cable, a 4SMD LED bulb and wedge socket.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

The Insider Connected coin door covers were created by MisterBlik and are available on Thingiverse –

If you are MisterBlik, please contact me! I have tried to reach you on multiple platforms without success.

The apron covers were created by me 🙂

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1 review for Venom Scoop Illumination Kit

    Christopher Hills
    December 11, 2023
    Super easy mod to add Daily Bugle illumination light. Loots great. I went read, if I had to do again, I would do it blue!!
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