DMD Slide Busters Mini

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Introducing the DMD Slide Buster Mini! Gone are the days of resting your pinball machine’s speaker panel on the side rails or armor, risking sliding or damage to both! Our lightweight & conveniently sized DMD Slide Buster Minis are even smaller than our regular slide busters and include 2 Neodymium magnets inside each slide buster. Simply place a Slide Buster or two on each rail (as seen in the pictures) and rest the speaker panel down on it! Printed in TPU, Slide Busters are flexible, grippy and strong. They can also be used for resting the backbox on the rails for moving or storage!

Each order includes four (4) DMD Slide Busters, however 2 usually is enough per machine! Check out our thread on Pinside.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

This product is an original design of mine. If you would like the gcode file to print it yourself, contact me!

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for DMD Slide Busters Mini

    Big D
    May 1, 2022
    I rarely ever do reviews, but I just had to review these. I was lucky enough to get in on the BOGO special. I ordereded 2 sets and got 2 free! Shipping was super fast too. Thank you! I've had them for a week, but finally got a chance to use them and put them to the test. I simply can't believe how ingenious these little things are. Why the heck didn't I come up with this!? Lol They're made of a spongey but super strong/durable material. Almost rubber like but with the give and softness of foam. That means no more scratching up your beautiful side rails with these babies. Just lay them on top of your side rails. The magnet holds them right in place. Then, lay the DMD right down on top of the side busters and you're done! So small and so simple, yet so smart and so effective. I love them and couldn't recommend them any higher! If you have a pinball machine, these are an inexpensive must have. Thank you for bringing these to life and for the great price and BOGO deal. I appreciate that. Btw, I don't need any kind of coupon for this review, nor do I want one. I'm so happy with these, it's my pleasure to come back to the website and leave an honest review. I just hope anyone on the fence about buying these will read this review, know it's one they can trust and then they buy a couple sets from you too. They'll be happy they did and will thank me later. My only regret is that I can only give these 5 stars. These are 10 stars all day. Thank you again Slide Busters!
    Scott Glazer
    April 22, 2022
    Ordered the mini’s on a Friday and received the following Monday. They’re perfect! Small enough to be out of the way when not in use yet they hold the dmd nice and stationary when needed. Thank you Mike!
    R. T40
    April 9, 2022
    Great idea! Very handy not having to deal with sliding situation anymore.
    DMD Slide Busters Mini photo review
    Mike Troup
    February 21, 2022
    These work great! No more issues with the score panel sliding down the rails!
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